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So you’re in your 40’s now, but what’s so amazing?

So you’re in your 40’s, but what’s so amazing? That may be the question on the minds of many and never a thought on just as many. To me, life is great and even better than my 20s or 30s. To me, in earlier years we didn’t have many worries and thought we were invincible. Heck I couldn’t do no wrong. Boy oh boy! If I could have told my younger self what I know now. The amazing 40’s. I truly believe I was crazy always saying I’m gonna be young forever and that I never wanted to get older. Graduating high school was the best. Going to college was liberating. Graduating college amazing. Grown, learning and becoming a “true” adult was good but a reality. Lol. I tried to take it all in stride. Not to say I didn’t stress many times but I tried to do road of lifewhat I was taught to do. Go to college, buy a home, get married, have kids, building a college and retirement fund, buy another home for investment, blah blah blah. Yes that well paved road of life. Whew! How many of us actually did it in that order? Ill be the first to raise my hand if you asked it the other way as in who didn’t do it that way or any of it at all. Regardless of whether my early years were perfect or not by another’s standards, I relish these years I have here and now.

There are many reasons that being in your 40’s is just frantastically amazing. Wait a minute, did I just make up a word? Here are just a few.

40’s are amazing because….

  • You’ve learned to ignore what others think; you’re beating to your own drum
  • You don’t stress over everything; you are stress free
  • You made peace with a lot of things in your past; at peace your past will not limit you
  • You’ve taught and raised your children well; you are proud
  • Life is better and much easier; you’ve made your way in your own journey
  • You can relax; you have time to unwind and enjoy the little things in life
  • You’re in a position now to start your business; you’ve done your job now your passion awaits

Love, Value, and Increase Yourself

I read an interesting post by Cathy DeFrancesco entitled Why the 40’s Are my Best Years yet. She speaks from a mother’s point of view and how her children are the light of her life and the joy she gets from know she did a darn good job. Read her blog at

Many times, we want to start unwinding, relaxing, and enjoying more of the things life has to offer. We get so caught up in the hum drum of life in our earlier years that we forget how to live. One of my favorite sayings is: Never get so busy making a living, that you forget how to make a life.

Go ahead, you deserve it. Enjoy your days. Create the relaxing and inviting atmosphere just for you. You’ve made your mark on society and you’ve raised your children well, so you deserve it. Read my blog post on creating that relaxing weekend that you so deserve! I made a blog post a few weeks ago that you can read at

Start that business your always wanted to. Become the bomb boss mom you always dreamed off. Rock your financial moves and make you’re future even bright. There’s no limit to you now. Just act. Start today. Want to know some killer financial moves you can make today? Read the blog post on

I am an accountant by trade. Doing this for over 25 years and have always truly enjoyed it. Numbers are in my head 24 hours a day yet after starting this blog on how amazing I think life is after 40, I couldn’t be happier. I stepped out on a limb. Writing isn’t my strong suit. I’m well in my 40’s and being able to stand proud, firm, do what I want when I want, face life’s challenges as opportunities, and watch my grandchild grow is the greatest feeling. Writing has become a tremendous outlet for me. Its invigorating. Its an outlet for me. It breaks up my day and allows me to explore other talents I never let surface as I was so busy making a living. Its liberating. Its awesome! I’m sure my fellow bloggers will agree!

I usually write about life after 40 but during one of my brain storming sessions I said why not share another of your passions – helping people start and grow businesses from a financial standpoint. Show them how the numbers work and how it can work from them. Business equals finances in a sense. I’ve helped many start and grow their business in industries ranging from beauty to healthcare to information technology to janitorial and everything in between. Not only was I in charge of oversight of finance department in a large technology firm, I also operate my own bookkeeping firm. Yes, you can say at times I can be stretched thin. But I love it. And now I add blogging to it. It just rounds out my day and keeps me sane. I’d love to share with all of my amazing 40 and over entrepreneurs or aspiring business owner’s industry best practices and what they can do to start or grow their business. I have created a Facebook group where I will provide free financial tips for business and am open to questions at any time. Where others would charge you just for answering a question, join my group today to get access to advice that would have cost you hundreds of dollars. Its important that we all live a life of service and help others. Let’s get started today. Comment on this post and I will send you a link to the exclusive Facebook group!

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