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The Wrap Dress is Dominating the Fashion Trends

The wrap dress is so dominating the fashion trends this season and they are perfect for us! Wrap dresses are the perfect go to grab for any occasion. The preferred fashion variety for summer and spring. And guess what spring is here so time to get your wardrobe ready! The wrap dress will dominate and forever be the most relevant silhouette of the season.

Us Before

In my 20s, I wore cut offs and crop tops. Boy I wouldn’t dare to do that now. Not too long ago, I felt compelled to buy into what everyone else was wearing. Boom, I hit my 40s. You know the time; when you consistently look in the mirror to check obvious signs of weight gain, you keep checking that dreadful mirror for skin imperfections and wrinkles, and when you feel like nothing ever looks right on you. Before then I always thought women over 40 were old mothers, aunties, and grandmas, nanas, or the most loved memaw. By the way, what does your grandchild call you? I love to hear the names are they are so precious to me. Okay okay back to what I was saying.

Us now!

We’re rocking a new trend; being mothers of adults, grandparents, business women and still sexy. Heck, we are instagrammable! Ha I love that word too! Looking for some new items to add to your spring wardrobe? Check out the collection below which is sure to delight. Color continues to be a powerhouse and a key influencer of fashion trends for Spring 2018. Just in time for us to look tre awesome! Now there is freedom to explore and experiment with more color and fashion. Colors this season are of uplifting shade and exude fun and playfulness. One of my favorites is wrap dresses by Dian Von Furstenberg. Check out her collections here What color are you adding to your Spring 2018 wardrobe? From bold yellows to lavenders to rich purples to warm sand and harbor mist. You are sure to delight in any color you decide to add and spruce! Click on any of the dresses below to get an idea of what you’d like to add; you may even find that’s the dress for you! HAPPY SPRING 2018!

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