My favorite season

Many of us have a favorite season.  Fall. Winter. Spring. Summer.  What is yours?  Do you love the vibrant colors of the fall and wearing layers? Does a sundress and heels strike your fancy?  Would you rather lounge in the perfect bikini poolside and frolicking days at the beach? Whatever season is yours, it’s the beauty of nature and all that it gives us. Today my season ends and I must pay homage to my favorite of all time.

Mines is the summer.   Enjoying long days at the beach, cookouts, hanging on summer nights, outdoor sports, and kids playing for hours is my idea of life.  The lazy days warm me up.  No I don’t have a job where I am off summers or can travel extensively.  I have found that my mood is better on summer days.  I hate the winter.  I despise the cold.  I enjoy a sundress to show off my long  legs.  The rain is dreary.  Oh by the way, did I say I love my legs!  I have always lived in the northeastern part of the united states and love the weather.  We can pretty much count on

the weather breaking on routine and many of us wait on it like clockwork. I know I do.  What about you?

If one asked you what your favorite season was, what would be your answer? Are you torn between two? Do you live in an area where fall and winter feel the same? Spring and summer seem to merge? Do you really get a winter fall at all?  I read an interesting article published in 2005 by Gallup.  It researched the most popular seasons, days of the week, and times of the day.  It states that 36% of Americans name the spring as their favorite season yet it differs by age group.  It is an interesting read.  Hop on over to And let me know your thoughts.

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