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Motivation Monday: 10 inspirational quotes for and by us

As today is Motivation Monday it is only fitting that we delve into the best motivational bloggers and 20 inspirational quotes for and by us.

Most of us feel that Mondays are well just….blah! I know sometimes I do. As I am an avid bullet journaler – wait is that even a word? I am an avid user of my bullet journal. One of my sections is for affirmations and motivational quotes. I use this faithfully.

It helps keep me sane; it helps keep me grounded. As a mother, a daughter, a wife, a grandmother, an aunt, a friend, and a business owner, my life seems full and heavy most days. Most days as women, we concentrate on taking care of others and sometimes our own mental, psychological, emotional and physical health suffers. Who nurtures the nurturer? We takes care of the care giver?

If you haven’t started a bullet journal, do so today. Read my post on the 10 BEST BULLET JOURNALING IDEAS AND HOW IT SAVED MY LIFE!

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Why do we need motivation?

Motivation is important because it provides the drive for people to accomplish their goals, maintain their responsibilities or solve problems. It is what keeps us going. Motivation can be in form of words we read, caring words from other, or even a gentle touch. We all need it.

We need motivation because we are constantly in a state of going through things and will have to manage different aspects of our life.

Motivation has a key role in our lives. We need it sometimes just to get up and get out of bed. Sometimes we need a bit of motivation to keep pushing at work. Whatever we are faced with, motivation will provide the push we need to push through.

Do you need motivation to lose weight? How about motivation for work? I know I need motivation to work out! Whatever your motivation needs are or will be, I find motivation quotes often help the most. Short simple and thought provoking!!! I love it!

Motivational Bloggers and Pinners I love

Lannah from Meditate & Lift is truly awesome. Her desire to help others is derived from her own personal difficulties with her physical and mental health. I love when one uses their voice to help others. If you love Pinterest, check her out at She provide one on one coaching, guides, and workouts to motivate you in every way. Her article on How She Learned to Love Herself was profound. Check her out and you wont be disappointed.

I just love Truly Ann!! She brings realness through inspiration for others to beleive in themselves. One of her mottos is live couragiously! Now who wouldn’t want to do that. If you don’t read more on her Pinterest Page or her blog at When you first go on her site, it says “Be yourself. You look beautiful just like that.” Truly Powerful Ann!

If you are looking for motivation to get healthy, start working out, or lose weight, then check out Fit Girls Diary. Now I do some of the meal plans and recipes she suggests. Honestly, i am just started my workout journey. 2019 is the year for me to get fit!

10 of the best inspirational and motivation quotes for you











Lastly, take each day one day at a time. Don’t overload or over stress yourself. Take time for YOU! You matter today and every day. You are your power. Use your affirmations and motivation quotes to encourage and uplift you so that you can go out in the world and be the greatest you can be!

thank you Tausha

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