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How to live your best life after 40

Living your best life after 40 is amazing. Nowadays they say forty is the new twenty. Lol I wouldn’t go that far but it is a time to live your best life

Are you living a life full of how you want it to be? Are you prepping for something different?

I’ve compiled a list of 20 things you can do in your forties to make it your best years yet.

1. Love more

Once you’ve hit the age where you realize love is something given freely and without stipulations you are free to do more of it.

Love yourself more. Love family and friends. Spreading love around those close to you keeps the positivity and great energy flowing in your late.

Remove hate. It has no place.

2. Travel more to create your best life after 40

Take that dream vacation. You deserve it. You’ve worked hard for almost half your life.

Do you have a bucket list? Start crossing off the places you wish you’d always visited.

3. Increase your savings

Some of us have been saving since we started working after college or before. Some of us haven’t. It’s not too late to start saving. Make it a goal to save every week or every paycheck. Increasing your 401k contribution is great way to save.

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4. Paying off debts

As we age, we must be careful about our debts and credit that we may or may not leave behind. I don’t want to leave a burden to my children by any debts I may have outstanding. Pay down any debts that may be plaguing you. It’s not to say they must all be paid at once but make it a habit to pay some every pay check.

5. Support a cause

Giving back to the community and those around is a great thing to do. Not only is it doing what we must do as people-love and care for one another, but it is also a satisfying feeling. We must at all time show love and support. Supporting different causes such as Domestic Violence, AIDs awareness, and Cancer research are one of the ways we can give back. Make it a point today to find your cause.
how to live your best life after 40

6. Start a side hustle or business

Now is a great time to start a side business. As you have worked most of your life (well I know I have), you come to the realization that life is short and you want to do something you love. Find your passion and turn it into a business.

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7. Spend more quality time with kids or grandchildren will increase your life after 40

Spending time with loved ones is extremely fulfilling. It lets us know what life is all about. It shows us the unequivocal love we have for one another. When I see the smile on my grandsons face, all my worries fade away.

8. Correct your course

If you don’t feel your life is going in the right direction, change the course! It’s your life and you deserve the live it as best as you can It you want to travel more and haven’t had time, adjust your course and schedule and fit in the travel to enrich your life. There is nothing to feel guilty about. The only thing to feel guilty about is not living the life you want.

9. Learn a new language

That’s one of the items on my bucket list. I must learn at least two languages. I can speak a little bit of French and am learning conversational Spanish. But I’m far from fluent which is what I want to be! What about you? Wouldn’t it be great to travel to far off places and be able to converse with the locals without help?

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10. Treat your parents to something special

Our parents have taught us the greatest and most important lessons in life. We cherish them and love them unconditionally. Today do something different and unexpected; treat them to something special. You can make it as unique as you want. An idea I had was to find something from their childhood or younger years that they loved and try and recreate it. I recall watching a show where a 98 year old woman in rehab saw a video of her dancing as a young lady and her eyes lit up and she moved as if she was dancing again. It warmed my heart and will warm their too!

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11. Dine at a fancy restaurant

There’s nothing like going to a new restaurant. Better yet try out new cuisines each month. It’s sure to please. I have learned that I love Thai food but you wouldn’t have caught me trying it years ago. Yes, I was a crazy eater.

12. Make amends

Throughout our lives, there have been times when we have hurt others, said the wrong thing, or weren’t there when needed. If you are aware of these times, now in your life after 40 is the best time to make amends. Show one another you care and how your are sorry that you weren’t there or couldn’t be in their time of need. Sometimes just hearing those words can make ones day as we never know what people are going through.

13. Get your health checkups

This should be number one. Do not neglect your health. Get your annual checkups and be sure to make a list of things that may bother you. Talk to your doctor about anything you’ve noticed. Being on top of your health is paramount!

14. Do something you used to love doing in your 20s

When you were in college or in your 20s what di you like to do? Play tennis? Have card night on Fridays? Camp out? Loved traveling to far off places. I love place exuding elegance. The Milliennium hotels offer the personalized experience you’ll never forget. And they are the global travelers’ choice in gateway cities. The Millennium Collection hotels are created with timeless elegance and famed for their conference and banquet offerings, world-class facilities and the ultimate in personalized, gracious service.

15. Perform life documents checkup

Is your life insurance in order? What about final expenses? One day as it was open enrollment for insurance at my job, I started thinking about all of my life documents and how I would ensure they were readily accessible. That day I started gathering all such as my will, life insurance, beneficiary information, investments, trusts, and the like to ensure my children had access to the documents if needed.

16. Learn a new skill

Oh I love this one! And yes its on my bucket list. I want to learn pottery. I can see myself sitting at the spindle making vases and bowls. I feel like I could create some awesome and beautiful pieces. What new skill do you want to learn in life after 40?

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17. Incorporate fitness as goal in living your best life

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Get fit and healthy this year! When we take care of family, ensure dinner is on the table, make sure house is clean, ensure bills are paid, and all while working our corporate job we often neglect ourselves. Take time now to work on you! Remember we are changing the course and this is time for us to get fit and fabulous!

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18. Make new friends

Making new friends is a great way to force yourself out of your comfort zone. Why not? We are changing our course and living our best life aftger 40 right? Go ahead meet new people, make new friends, and have new adventures.

19. Read more

Each year I set a goal of how many books I plan to read for the year. It keeps my mind sharp. Did you know that the average CEO reads over 90 books a year? My goal this year was 50 and I’m almost there!

20. Stop wishing and start doing

Be your own kind of beautiful. Create the life you want. Dream big. Live bigger.

Living your best life after 40 means doing what YOU want to do, what makes YOU happy, and what makes YOU who you are. Be yourself but be sure to make deposits into yourself. There comes a time in life where we need to limit the withdrawals and work on the deposits and increases in our lives. Be yourself and be your own kind of beautiful!

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