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Insane Abs for Women over 40 Demystified

Yep I just did five and my abs are packed! It’s true that we can all have those insane suck pack abs. Uh ok! Says who? That’s usually my response when I hear “everyone should have toned abs”! It’s how, when, and how hard we work. At my age, I’m a mother over 40 with the kid carrying pouch and constant snack pooch to match. I’ve never been an avid exerciser unless you count running after kids in yard or around the house when they have something the shouldn’t. To me that was exercise.

Alas then my babies got older, found friends, went off to college, started careers, and started families. Guess you can now figure I’m more sedentary than ever. Maybe when the grands can walk I’ll get fit again!

No way! I’m doing it now. I’m going to get fit and have those abs to die for! I’ve been seeing lots of information on exercise while you are doing things such as sitting at your desk at work. A recent article on gave a lot of insight on strengthening your core. No you really won’t get those sick pack insane abs I’m dying for by sitting at your desk but it helps strengthen your core which is paramount. And they say it best:

And while doing these exercises alone won’t give you six-pack abs, they can significantly improve the tone of your abdominal wall.

Jump on over to LiveStrong to discover unique exercises to flatten your stomach while you drive!

Let’s get to working my lovelies!!

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