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Girlfriends = Killer Chic Balance

Having a good friend or an awesome group of girlfriends brings so much joy to your life.  I have been extremely lucky to have found five uniquely talented and spiritually grounded women over thirty-three years ago.  Excuse me while I give them a shout out – YOU GUYS ROCK!! 

They have added a tremendous amount of value to my life over the years.  It’s a person to confide your deepest thoughts to.  And we all know that talking out things relieves stress and gives you different perspectives.  It’s a person to share the joys of motherhood.  If you are lucky enough to have a good friend who has children the same age as yours or is pregnant at the same time, you know exactly what I am referring to.  How much sweeter in life is it to have a partner to take walks with and then stop for ice cream and pickles together! 

Girlfriends add so much value to your life.  We often choose friends who are similar to us in many ways.  We have the same morals, values, and outlook on life.  Girlfriends also teach you things.  Hey what’s the point of having good friends if they can’t teach you anything.  I have one good girlfriend who taught me a lot about spirituality and adding value to your walk with God and your marriage.  I soak it all up selfishly.   Another has helped me overcome my weakness.  Stress has always been a huge problem for me.  I take on not only my problems but the world around me and I stress.   She taught me that I can’t control nor change everything.  And that at some times I just have to resign myself to the fact that what is really is. 

Having girlfriends is like going from a Chevy to a Range Rover.  We glow up together.  We complement each other’s fashion.  Our favorite time together is shopping.  Giving advise on whether something fits perfectly or maybe we should try another is awesome packed in a petite body.

Having that killer chic balance is absolutely refreshing; they look at life differently, support you morally, fulfills you, and never just leaves you hanging.   Girlfriends equal killer chic balance.  A friendship like that is so damn nice.  They are real.  They have your back no questions ask.  They text you for nothing and give you a little pick-me-up.  They enjoy life and include you.  They help you look past distract ions and disappointments. They enrich your life.  They improve your health with the mounds of laughter you have together.  They increase your sense of belonging and purpose.

Its not the quantity but the quality of good women you have in your life.  Good girlfriends ROCK!

The biggest and greatest thing a good girlfriend will do for you is pray for you when you don’t even know they are praying.  If you have a good friend or two that you are happy to have in your life, give them a hug, send out a test, or pick up the phone and say THANK YOU for being a part of my life!

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