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Fragrances & Perfumes I love – Enchanting and my Guy Loves them too

When it comes to choosing a perfume, it can be daunting at times. Often wonder how it will smell after hours of being on; will you have to keep replenishing throughout the day or is it long lasting and great smelling. I found fragrances I love and that are perfect for us. In my research I learned that all fragrances are made up of five basic scents and of some combination thereof. My last stop on the research bus was very interesting and gave a great deal of insight on the mixtures and makeup of fragrances. You can hop on over to and read more. There are five basic scents:

  • Floral which is feminine and romantic
  • Citrus which is spicy and youthful
  • Woody which is a sophisticated and complex scent with hints of earth
  • Green where the scents are derived from plants
  • Oriental which is sensual and exotic

If you are anything like me, we want something somewhere in the middle right? We don’t want to smell like we are old or a teenager, nothing too heavy, nothing too floral, and nothing too sweet. We want something subtle and not overwhelming.

We are gorgeous classy women in our 40’s with a lot of gumption and awesomeness! Our scents should reflect who we are. Its an extension of our personality. I don’t know about you but I want to feel good, look exquisite, and smell heavenly. I’m on a quest to find my signature scent. There are so many that I like and quite a few that I absolutely love. I remember my grandmother never left the house without her red lips, tiny purse, and her signature scent. I smile constantly at the memory. I want to be like her. She was well loved and everyone called her extremely classy and always smelled good. Heck some days I’m running out with sweats on, hair in a ponytail, and without perfume! I want the old days back of getting dressed to the nines for everything – going to the store, going to the mall, cooking dinner, meeting the kids after school, heck just riding the bus. I look at old pictures and feel nostalgic. I can smell her scent through a mere photograph. That’s how I want to be. What is your signature scent? Check out these perfumes that range from rich and spicy, to uplifting and warm, to enchanting, to a scent your husband will love. Let me know which you like best.

Chloe Nomade fragrance

This fragrance by Chloe for women was released in 2018 and has a flowery and fruity smell. An absolute gorgeous confection of scents. Balanced just right. A scent sure to please. I mean can you ever go wrong with Chloe?

Frederic Malle fragrance

This new fragrance has an oriental floral scent. Remember the five basic scents right? Frederic Malle is long lasting and a perfectly blended scent.

Diptyque fragrance

This fragrance is more of your woody scent. Its beautiful and not too sweet. A gently, clean and crisp fragrance. Try it out, you may like it!

Guerlain Shalimar fragrance

One of the most legendary fragrances around. I still love it to this day. It has a oriental blend and truly romantic feel Its like an uplifting flower garden you can’t help but fall in love with.

Dior Diorella fragrance

This fresh, floral, and gentle fragrance is another one made by an iconic brand. It is a combination of citrus, woody, green, and floral scents; the best of call worlds. Launched in 1972, it is still one of my go-to fragrances that my husband loves.

Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue fragrance

A sweet and fresh fragrance with longevity. You cant get enough of this one. You can smell it all day and it is one the best scents to compliment my lifestyle. I’m busy and the scent never fade which is what I like.

Valentino Valentina fragrance

Oh my gosh, I cant gush enough about this one. It has a gorgeously seductive scent. A very grown up fragrance indeed. Well we are over 40 right? HaHa! This scent is quite pelasant, light and gives off a French vibe to me. Lightly fruity and floral; a perfect marriage of scents.

Here are a few other fragrances you may love! A lady loves choices right?

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