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Graduation from College Gift Guide for 2018 for Special One in your life

Graduation time is here and you’re looking for the perfect college graduation gift guide? The special young men and women in your life have worked hard to attain their degree. Its time to say goodbye to school and hello to the adult world. Your perfect gift can help them adjust. Why not give them something special that they can really use.
Books, electronics, help with finances, a new work wardrobe, and more are sure to be appreciated.

Here are five gifts to get you started:

1. Amazon Echo.

Give them a gift of their own assistant. How much better than that be? They will be sure to love it. They can ask Alexa to check their calendar, weather, traffic, and sports scores, manage to-do and shopping lists, control compatible smart lights, thermostats, garage doors, sprinklers, and more.
Click here for more information or to order today!

2. Weekender Bag

Whether its a weekend away or moving back home, the weekender bag is a must have. They come in a variety of colors to suit their taste and style. These are affordable and durable options that your grad will surely use. After graduation and I’m sure right right after, they will fill this chic bag up and head on home to you.
Click here for that perfect weekender bag. They will need some time to wind down and relax after all those finals!

3. Smart Watch
A watch for graduation is a “smart” idea! The Fitbit watch has gained popularity and is a welcome gift by all. For that workout grad, this is a gift that will not only help them in their fitness goals but will be cherished and look stylish at the same time. Click here to find the best one for your grad!

4. Camera

Graduation is among us. There’s something in store for the budding photographer who is set to graduate! It’s Spring 2018 and they are surrounded by beautiful images and scenery. They’d love a gift of a Nikon camera. Click here for more information and see the many options available.

5. Gift Cards
Its their graduation – let them buy something they want! Sometimes we find it hard to just shop or find the right thing. A gift card is a gift that they can use and buy whatever it is that they would like. Check out the amazing Amazon gift cards available here

As always, support and love your graduate and congratulate them on their accomplishment. It was years of hard work, tears, and fears yet they perservered and made it through. Give them words of encouragement and motivation each and every day. If you are looking for words of encouragement, jump on over to our motivation page!

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