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Best Christmas gifts under $100

One of my favorite times of the year is the Christmas season.  Its gift giving season and I love to give. When it comes to gifts, its the thought that counts.  But who said it can’t be fabulous?

Each year, it seems like my list of Christmas gifts to buy gets longer and longer.  This year has truly been a blessing and each and every day we should count our blessing.  Those who are on my list are those who have been and continue to be a blessing in my life.

I love Christmas! I think I said that once right? What about you?

Looking for gifts for those on your list? There are times when I purchase a lot online as the idea of standing in long lines and being pushed out the way for the latest toy does not really get me excited.

I opt for online purchasing.  For one, I get to peruse in peace and two I earn cash back on every purchase I make.  If you follow my blog, you know I am always seeking ways to save money.  Ebates is a great way to shop for items you love and earn money while you are doing it.  Read my post on saving money which outlines tips on saving with Ebates and many more!

I even covered one here with unheard of ways to save money! Just because we are in the gift giving mood, it doesn’t mean we cant forget our goals and continue to save.

In this post, we will go over my favorite gifts under $100! Now what gets better than that? What’s even better is that these aren’t ordinary piece but extraordinary! Give your gifts some flair!  The Holidays are around the corner.  Shop 2000 Exquisite Gift Ideas for everyone on your list at

I found Belle and June by accident and am soooo happy! I do not know who the designers are behind these products but they are beautiful.  I love unique pieces and giving unique items.  Check out their 100+ Holiday Gifts Under $100 at The carry loads of designer Home Accessories! At you will find over 5000 unique decorative accents for every space in your home. Take 10% off your first order over $100. Enter code newcustomer at checkout.

This Pansy Turquoise and Gold Canape Plate set is absolutely gorgeous! Get it here

plate set

The Pedra Coasters Eggplant are to die for! 
This product, named after the Portuguese word for “rock,” is authentically created from pure, semi-precious agate stone.  Get it here


These tea light holders are perfect.  The combination with beautiful flowers make the perfect Christmas gift.  Get yours today here!

tea light holder

Here is another version with a White Calla!

tea light holder white calla

What about these Moroccan coasters? They are dreamy to me! View more on these here!  With the romantic and exotic images of a Moroccan theme, these beautiful handcrafted, rustic Italian Marble coasters are the perfect accent to any coffee table or living room. Coasters have a protective cork backing. 


The Fantasy decorative tray is handcrafted from natural bone in an intriguing indigo and ivory design. Versatile enough for serving everything from cocktails to cocoa, this handsome tray will draw admiring look at your next gathering. It’s so cute and the striking colors add a unique pop! 

decorative tray

I absolutely love flowers! What about you? I live for the moments of fresh flowers in my home.  This purple orchid tray is beautiful. It showcases Emilio Robba Photography – purple vanda orchids “Double Take” set in a 3/8″ diamond-polished acrylic tray with brushed nickel handles. Grab you one here!

purple orchid tray

A fascinating vase is yes fascinating! Mouthblown glass transforms into the graceful Hibiscus Glass White Fluted Vase, as delicate petals dance around the top expressing joy and happiness. Versatile and elegant, this collection is a lovely accent to your coffee table or dining room. View the different sizes available here!

Whatever you choose to give and to whom you choose to give, give from the heart! We’re counting down until Christmas Day.  As we count down, remember you are loved and you are blessed.  Pay it forward and be a blessing to others!


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