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The Beginner’s Guide to the 2018 Book Challenge

Looking for a way to stimulate your creative and natural mental juices? The 2018 Book Challenge will help you explore new genres, authors, and more. It doesn’t matter what you ordinarily love to read. The 2018 Book challenge is all about exploring and reading more. Who knows you may just find your new fav author? Who is your favorite author? How many books do you read a year? I try to read at least two a month. Sometimes I don’t meet that goal but its okay because I make an effort. The object is mind stimulation.

Want more stimulating reads? Looking for something more thought-provoking? We are challenging each of our Amazings to define a goal of the number of books you want to read this year. 5-….40….25….10. You have complete control. You have control every step of the way. Define it. Embrace it. Don’t sweat it. Just read and drift away to far off places. It will open your mind and imagination to never seen before heights. Get pumped this year! Take the challenge.

Ready? Set. Go!

To start you off, we’ve compiled a list of awesome books. Take a peek; we challenge you. 2018 is all about the good reads!

The good earth by Pearl Buck is an amazing read.

“Pittsburgh Post Gazette” One of the most important and revealing novels of our time.

When God writes your love story is yet another one to inspire you.

This book will make you cry, laugh, repent, and hope. It will make you feel guilt and sorrow from your past, it will make you raise your standards for relationships, it will make you cry out to God to take and restore your love life.

Pretty Baby by the best selling author of Gone Girl is an absolute gem.

Another reason I’m really fan girl’ing on this author is how she finishes telling the story in her books (yes, Good Girl and this one). She could ‘drag’ it on, or have a sequel, but it ends. And I respect that a lot! (Think Gone Girl – as that is how I came upon this author, as Good Girl was compared to Gone Girl – and in my humble opinion, of all the books listed “like Gone Girl” – this was/is the only one that warrants that honor).

And who couldn’t be a fan of Jane Austen. This is one you are sure to not put down.

A brilliant story indeed. The title may have you thinking it’s a dark novel but it is utterly amazing.

Hopefully these books will inspire you to start the 2018 Book Challenge. Be sure to leave comments on the books you choose as someone may want to find their next new book!

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