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Awesome Ways to Rock 2018 Color Trends for your home

Spring is right around the corner! Easter is near! I love the smell of fresh flowers and bask in the sunshine of beautiful colors. When it comes to home décor the color trends this year are amazing. 2017 was all about tropical green, warm neutrals, and trailblazing tan accents, this year will be full of even cutting-edge colors. Ranging from turquoise to goldenrod to rich earth tones to blush and vibrant reds. It’s all about the statement and making an impact. Add in shades of purple and washed pastels like mint greens and sandy pinks, your home will surely make an impact.

And it doesn’t stop there! When we think about textures and patterns for our home, many are trending this year. They range from farmhouse style, wood accents, metallic pieces, textured accents, and bold geometric patterns.

We all have our pieces which we never change or rarely change such as a couch or coffee or end table. But don’t let that stop you. You can add so much funk to your space for 2018. Make small changes like knick knacks, pillows, pictures, flowers, plants or even paint a wall.

Colors also have meaning. When you are choosing a color think about what it represents such as cheerfulness, royalty, thought-provoking, energizing, classy, etc. There is a psychology of color. And no I didn’t make that up. HGTV explains it best in their recent article on home décor colors and what the psychology behind them mean. Read the great article here at and explore your color on a deeper level. Who would have thoughts? Here are some great finds to add a little spice to your home

I love to change the rooms of my home. Its so refreshing to see it come to life and the best thing- it never gets boring!! Sometimes my husband comes in and just shakes his head and says “honey I need to come home and know my favorite chair is going to be here”. He’s such a hoot! Gotta love them.
What are your design inspirations? How would you describe your home décor? I love bright and cheery!
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