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6 Tips That Will Make Saving Money Easy

Saving is important! We have all heard it. Sometimes saving money can be hard. It’s about taking stock off and changing your habits. If you lack savings, here are some tips to get you started.

6 tips for saving money today!

The sooner you put these tips in place, the higher your savings fund will increase. You won’t have a massive savings or emergency fund but its a start and every little bit counts. We have to take baby steps before we can walk right?
saving money tips with a jar of pennies

Saving Money Time

  1. Pocket change. No literally every time you buy something with cash, put it away. Put it in a jar. Store it in a shoebox. Sock it away in a sock. Just save it. Imagine if you had say about $0.75 in spare change a day and you put it away. By the end of the year you will have almost $300 just by putting away spare change!
  2. Use automatic savings apps such as Qapital. Its an awesome app that let’s you save for things you want just by doing things you do. You pick a goal, savings are automatic, and you can track the progress.
  3. Ebates is also a good way to start saving. Use Ebates to earn money on every online purchase. When you reach a certain threshold you can cash out and Ebates will send you a check. deposit the check into your savings account and again you have saved money just by doing the things that you normally do.
  4. Saving can be easy for the future. one way is by enrolling in your companies 401k plan. It’s easier to save when its automatic and you don’t touch the money. If your company matches up to a certain percentage which a lot of companies do now then that’s double savings for you!
  5. Sign up for every free customer rewards program you can. You may be thinking that’s not going to save me much money. Saving money is saving money big or small. But let’s say by signing up for the customer rewards, you earn points and those points can be used for discounts on products, free products or even gas. Then YES that’s savings for you! No matter how big or small a saving is a saving!
  6. Lastly, master the 30 day rule of personal finance as it relates to saving. Let’s face it, we all succumb to instant gratification. We see a purse that we fall in love with but the price is high. Heck it may even be worth it in your eyes. But wait, hold off on the purchase for 30 days. if you still have that same twinkle in your eyes and stomach when you see it at the end of the thirty days then buy it. If you don’t, you’ve save those hundreds of dollars you almost spent on that instant gratification purse!

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