5 Things to start doing in 2018

The 2018 year focuses on fortune, health, career and love prospects.  If you had a previous year like me, I’m sure you are yearning for a year of blessings and new creations and opportunities.  Let’s embark on this venture together. To create the new you!  Here are five things we should all concentrate on in 2018:


First in order to give love we must love our self first.  Many times, we concentrate so much on others and put ourselves on the back burner.  We give everything 100% or try to at least.  But what do we give ourselves? Anything less than that is no longer acceptable.  Not today.  Not in 2018.  I urge each of you to start loving yourself.  Take time to actually love yourself. 

Are you into affirmations? Affirmations are words or saying that uplift us daily or in times of need.  Write an affirmation to yourself every day.  It can be one word such as BEAUTIFUL or a phrase such as YOU ARE AMAZING or YOU GOT THIS!  The more love we project out into the word, the more positiveness and love will be received.   I challenge you to SELF-LOVE!


Traveling helps us in so so many ways! I love to travel.  I travel a few times a year; with my husband; with my kids; with my job; and with my girlfriends! And you know how important it is to get away with the girls and forget about the humdrum of everyday life.  I live for it!!  The benefits associated with traveling are plentiful:

·         Keeps that stress low – which we all need and in 2018 we are going to stress less and travel more

·         Strengthens bonds – again here is that benefit of girlfriends; we will cherish, support each other, and strengthen our connections in 2018

·         Gets those creative juices flowing – have you ever travels somewhere and go so inspired by colors, nature, culture, or music and came home and changed your entire house and wardrobe to reflect that? Im raising my hand if you can see me LOL

·         It’s a chance to try new things – aides us in becoming a well rounded person and enhances self-confidence – who says sky gliding in the glades isn’t fun?

·         You get the point.  Nobody comes back from a journey the way they started it.  That’s what 2018 is about for us – becoming anew; changing our shift in perspective; walking outside our norm



We are all guilty of it.  Guilty of what you ask? Telling ourselves we can’t do something because we shouldn’t or we don’t know how.  Telling ourselves we can’t because someone else needs us or needs our time or needs something from us heck sometimes its like they need our blood.  What I am saying is again take time for you. 

·         If you’ve always wanted to start a business – START IT

·         If you want to take a trip with your friends – DO IT

·         If you want to redecorate every room in your house – DO IT

·         If you want to dance the night away with your husband – DO IT

·         If you want to go back to school but think you’re too old – GO FOR IT BEAUTIFUL

·         If you want to change your hair – DO IT


It’s 2018 do whatever makes your soul on fire.  Catch butterflies with your awesomeness!


We provide ourselves and family they need with nutritious meals each and every day.  We also need to feed our minds, bodies, and souls.  Take the challenge and try and read at least 24 books this year.  Why? Because it helps relieve stress and can transport us to worlds unknown.

 Make a conscious effort and spend time reading as you’ll surely enjoy it.  Better yet join a book club heck start one! We’re all about creating the new us this year. 


Yes, I mean toot your own horn; pat yourself on the back.  This year take the time to celebrate yourself and what you have accomplished more.  If you hit a milestone or surpassed a goal you set, BLOOP you go girl! You are pack full of awesomeness.  Its time to love ourselves more and be easier on ourselves.  Time and time again we can be our own worst critics and be hard.  STOP.  Today STOP.  Big or small, today you deserve a celebration! I’m proud of you!

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