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15 DIY Home Décor Projects Every Forgetful Person Will Love

Sometimes, I’m convinced my brain is working against me. Why is it that I can remember what JLaw wore to the Oscars three years ago and name every winner of MasterChef since 2012, but when it comes to remembering my wallet and keys, I struggle every single day.

That’s why these DIY projects are perfect for people like me, who need a little extra help remembering those small details. These DIY projects are not only functional and helpful, but will make great statement pieces for your home. Get inspired by these unforgettable DIY projects that will give your brain an extra memory boost.

1. Cork Cactus

This prickly desk buddy will display important reminders in plain sight (so there’s no excuse for forgetting). Even better? There’s a secret compartment under the cactus for small, easy-to-lose knick-knacks. You can make your own version of this with a garden planter from the dollar store, a pin cushion or some cork, and sewing pins.

2. This color-coded key holder

Assign each member of the family a color for their keys. This handy shelf has a spot for each color-coded key fob so you’re never scrambling around looking for lost keys. Get the full instructions for this helpful DIY here.

3. Simple… and effective

I’m sure that my sunglasses come to life when I’m not looking and hide themselves. Rein in your mischievous and often-lost shades with this super easy project. Simply attach rope to a wooden block and hang it near your front door.

4. A to-do list you can reuse again and again

I am a list maniac — they are the only thing that keeps me organized, which is why I love this reusable and beautiful to-do list board. Frame a piece of colorful scrapbook paper. Then, use a dry erase board to write on the glass. Wipe it clean when you’ve finished your tasks for the day!


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