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Bullet journaling literally saved my life! It helped keep me sane, focused, motivated, and at times entertained.

Have you heard about bullet journaling? Have you given it a try?

I absolutely love bullet journaling. I have even got my girlfriends involved in it and they too love it. Everyone has a different purpose for their bullet journal and how they use it.

What is bullet journaling?

It is basically a notebook or some type of journal book that helps you manage your day, keep your thoughts, jot down notes, and manage your to-do list. Is it a to-do list, a planner, or a diary? I’ve heard all the questions. And my response is always make it what you want it to be. Doodle. Make notes. Jot down sayings you’ve heard. Keep a list of books you want to read. Make it you.

bullet journalingBullet journaling saved my life! I was forgetting things and life seemed like it was falling apart. Once I started, life seemed to fall into place. I work a full time job, am a mother of three sons, a grandmother, a wife, an entrepreneur who runs four blogs (yes I’m crazy I know), a real estate notary, and working on starting a non-profit. Whew!

Sometimes just listing what I do drives me crazy1 I wouldn’t change it for the world though! I love my super organized commitment filled life!

How do you set up a bullet journal?

It’s absolutely customizable and you use it and set it up to fit your needs.

Bullet Journal® (or BuJo® for short) was created by Ryder Carroll, an digital product designer and author living in Brooklyn, NY. The basic components of a bullet journal, according to the official website, are:
The Index: The first few pages of the book where you add the topics of your Collections and their page numbers so you can quickly find and reference them at any point.
The Future Log: This Collection is used to store items that either need to be scheduled months in advance or things that you want to get around to someday.
The Daily Log: This is designed for day-to-day use. At the top of the page, record the date as your topic. Throughout the course of the day, simply rapid log your tasks, events, and notes as they occur.

Remember I said it’s customizable?

I use the following pages:

  • A pretty hand drawn cover for the month
  • A two page spread for the monthly calendar for my personal and home to-do’s including birthdays, projects, date nights, events, etc
  • I create another two page spread for the monthly calendar for my business needs including days to make posts on blog, social media posting, trainings, product launch dates, readership stats for the month, etc
  • An affirmation page as each day we need to feed our soul to keep us grounded and motivated
  • A weekly meal plan listing what I plan to cook for the week and after that week I always go back and star what the family liked
  • A books read page to keep on top of my book challenge
  • A spending page
  • A sleep log
  • A mood tracker
  • An exercise tracker

bullet journaling calmness

What tools you need to get started

Before we dive in, remember that you can bullet journal with any notebook and pen of your choice.

You do not need anything fancy to get started. All you need is a notebook and a pen.

The notebooks and pens that I recommend here are simply the ones that I have used and loved. I strongly encourage you to explore different brands, sizes, colors, etc…..make it uniquely yours!

Notebook. I love bright colors as they have a psychological effect of increasing mood.

Pens/Colored Markers. My base drawings and outline for calendar are black but I use colors to go back in and make pages beautiful and certain parts stand out.

Stencils/Drawings. Sometimes I use stencils but most often I like to freehand draw. Noooooo! I am not one who is considered a great drawer (huh that doesn’t sound right:-)) well an artist. Anyway its all about making your pages for YOU.

Washi Tape. Ohhhhh this is a must for me. It is a quick and easy way to add color and decorations to your page.

Your imagination and creativity!.

10 best bullet journaling ideas to try

1. I absolutely love A Beanstalk Life. With such a fresh perspective on everyday life, she keeps me coming back for more. Check out this post on bullet journaling ideas.

2. Mommy Over Work which is a great motivational and lifestyle blog wrote a great piece on bullet journaling for beginners. Hop on over here to read more.

3. The Fab 20s bullet journal pages are absolutely stunning and has awesome ideas! Take a look here.

4. 25 bullet journal trackers you can totally use. Trackers are one of my favorites. . View the trackers here and use one today.

5. Are you a movie lover like me? I can’t get enough and sometimes I can’t understand how I find the time to get them in. Hop on over to 365 Days of Journaling to check out the tracker.bullet journaling for movies

6. A saving tracker is a god-send for those who want to track their spending, budget, and keep themselves accountable. At you’ll find bullet journaling ideas to help you budget and save.

7. Self Care. This is true and dear to my heart because so often we get caught up in caring for everyone and everything else that we forget about ourselves. Take a moment to take care of you. Track it so you stay on top of it and watch how your mood changes! Take a tour over HERE and look at the awesome layouts for anyone interested in a self care and healthy journal page. self care bullet journaling

8. Tips and Tricks including how to make banners. is one of my favorites and I follow her lovely blog. Im not artistic at all. Wait, I think I told you that lovely tidbit! But she shows you exactly how to do it even if you aren’t. I will admit those banners took me a minute to get the hang of. LOL Check it out here.

9. School/class tracking. This is awesome for someone who is currently taking classes or in school. She pulled together 8 different school Bullet Journal ideas to help you stay organized this semester including some YouTube videos just in case you learn better from watching. Check it out here.

10. Fitness. Here are 12 page ideas for smashing fitness goals. If you want to track your workouts, weight gain/loss, etc, then this is the type of tracker to include in your bullet journal. Remember it all about you and how you want it set up.

What are some of your favorite bullet journaling page layouts? Do you use supplies? What is your go-to color? Drop me a line or comment below as I’d love to know!

thank you Tausha


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