What’s in the box they call junk?

One day I was expecting a very important email.  It never arrived.  After numerous calls to the company, I checked my junk or spam mailbox.  And low and behold there is way.  From a reputable company and nothing sexual or scammish so why did it go there? That answer I’ll never know.

While there, I couldn’t help but look at some of the items that were there. They ranged from the weird to downright outrageous.  It was humorous to say the least.  Here’s some of the exciting emails I received:

Eat these foods, lose weight and regain energy.  Ok this one had so many misspellings; I had to wonder if it was a kid who wrote the email.

New weight loss ingredients. Now wait a minute is someone trying to tell me to lose weight? How dare them. Lol

Next on from someone named Kandy. “I think ur fb pic is cuteJ”.  No who in the world is this? I had to click the links below in order to find out.  No thank you.

Well wouldn’t you know Kandy actually sent me ten in one day.  She must really like my pics!

One event could cannibalize your retirement.  Yet another one with a link to get more information. Is this how your computers are hacked into?

Force factor – how older men are increasing their size. Now this is just sickening.  It has a picture of a young man all buff and toned pumping weights.  Ummm where is the older man and what does this pic have to do with anything?

Funds pending.  Woot Woot!!! I have a benefactor that actually included me in his will and I get the sum of $8,890,000!  Oh what I could do with that kind of windfall.  Pun intended.


Let’s put this all in perspective.  I got an unexpected financial windfall, told how I could lose weight, numerous likes on my Facebook pictures, and assistance on my retirement.  Wow there are people looking out for me! And all within the last couple of hours.  What about you?  Do you have the same people looking out for your best interest? I cant stop laughing.  Check yours out and tell me the funniest one you’ve received today. 

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