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Weekly meal plan, recipes and more

What a lovely Sunday it’s been. Today is beginning of week and one in which we spend quality time with loved ones over scrumptious meals and more.

Each week I plan my meals and want to share with you how I do it. You never know maybe we like to eat the same things. But it’s to give motivation to others to make life simpler, save time, and save money. Yes when you plan you save money! We all need a new pair of shoes right!

I usually make my lists and shop on Saturday’s for the upcoming week. Be sure to use those coupons that are set to expire on Saturday. Take along your coupon book, but what’s on your list and it’s sure to be a lifesaver.

This weeks meal plan:

Sunday: Braised garlic and sage chicken Get recipe here

Monday: Grilled steak caprese pasta Get recipe here

Tuesday: One dish chicken bake Get recipe here

Wednesday: collard green and ricotta stuffed shells Get recipe here

Thursday: Downhome turkey wings

Friday: Easy seafood jambalaya Get recipe here

Saturday’s are day to enjoy yourself and have whatever you like. Heck I’m sure you have some leftovers so you can kick back and read a book!

When you shop, stick to your list! Use your coupon and store value cards. It all adds up! Here is what I use to keep all my coupons organized. Click the picture to get yours as they are awesome!

I used to just keep scraps of paper and index cards of all the recipes I discovered. It was so frustrating!!! I searched and searched for a cute holder that could stay on my counter and no look cluttered and BOOM here it is… it and grab yours today!

Down home turkey wings recipe:




One stick of butter

1/2 can cream of chicken soup

Bell pepper



1 cup of water

Chop up veggies. Mix chicken soup and water. Clean turkey wings, rub with butter, and season with salt and pepper. Place wings and veggies in pan. Pour soup mix over top. Cover and bake on 350 for about two hours. Serve with rice and salad. Can you say delicious!!!

See you amazings next week! I’m hungry all over again!

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