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Top affiliate programs to monetize your blog

Are you trying to find a top affiliate program to monetize your blog? Affiliate marketing is one of my favorites ways to make money blogging on Its Amazing After 40!

Monetizing up blog is one of the most important thing you’ll do as a blogger. Do you want to create great contact. You want to engage the audience. You want to grow your followers. Want to make money.

When I started my blog they were many things I wanted to do. I know there were things that I needed to do. One was to make enough passive income to cover the expenses I had related to my blog.

Blogging is my outlet. It helped me put my thoughts out in the universe. A way to help me release my feelings. It took me a while to figure out exactly what I was trying to say. And by golly I think I found it!

It took me a while to turn this into a business. From an outlet to a hobby to a business.

>>>>>>>>Is a totally online business really doable?<<<<<<

Monetizing my blog with affiliate programs help me earn income. It helps me find out what I was doing wrong and what I was doing right. I actually started making money by promoting products and things that I actually use and love.

I went from making zero to making a few cents a day to making hundreds of dollars a month. It didn’t happen overnight. There are many that offer their monthly income reports and I think that’s great. I have yet to attain that level of passive income and am not here to boast as if I do. I just want to let my new bloggers and those struggling know that its doable and worth the effort. Support and encouragement to stay the course is m goal!

After months of trial and error and yes every business goes through it to find what works for them, I found tools that were the perfect fit and helped me in my blogging journey!

top affiliate programs

I’ve put together a list of affiliate programs worth joining.

Top affiliate programs that worked for me

  1. Share-a-sale. One of my absolute favorites. They have been around for over 18 years and is a huge network. They have over 3,900 merchants on the shareasale network. Best part- it’s free and works with every niche!
  2. Awin. Awin allows you to earn money by promoting products and services to your audience. They have a huge network with over 13,000 advertisers. I love them because it’s an easy to use platform and payments are FAST!
  3. Amazon associates. With amazon associates, you earn a commission on every product. Writing reviews is a great strategy to promote products. Did I mention it’s free to join?
  4. VigLink. VigLink is a unique program and one I’ve grown to love! With a little plugin, they turn any link into a monetizable link based on their extensive network. It’s like a hands-off way to earn money on your blog!
  5. Creative Market. Perfect for every niche and you can earn 40% on every sale.
  • Ways you can promote your affiliate programs

    • In your blog posts with links
    • Through your email list
    • On your social media accounts

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