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The importance of loving the career you create for yourself!

A career is an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress.

Created or one we were expected to have based on our family’s expectations?

When we were young, it was almost natural for us to aspire to be the best version of ourselves in the future. Dictated by our social and academic influences on the media, a high proportion of us wanted to grow up to become astronauts and Nobel laureates. However, as time goes by, not a lot of us make it to that stage.

Create a career

As the hand of the clock ticks, we find ourselves settling for less and less; not out of a lack of motivation, but out of the absolute fear that we won’t be able to make it. This, inevitably, is one of the reasons why the upcoming generation might be subject to less aspiring individuals than their predecessors. For this reason, the importance of choosing a career that you love cannot be emphasized enough.

Creating a career

Creating a career of yourself out of something that fancies you is a very integral component of living a happy and fulfilled life. To start with, this requires an immense level of introspection. Ask yourself questions such as “if money weren’t a factor, would I still be doing this?” and “is this how I want to be remembered as?” Along with giving you a sense of direction, questions and thought experiments such as these would enable you to invest yourself in something that means something to you.

Escaping the monotonous routine
Nowadays, people mention ‘9-5’ almost as an insult to those individuals who slave their hours away working for corporations they don’t care about. In contrast, choosing a career that you find fulfilling will help you break out of this cycle. If you love the career that you lay out for yourself, you’ll have a great incentive to get out of bed daily.
Your days will be more fulfilling a good nights’ rest is more than likely to energize you for the day to come. With the right mind-frame that accompanies a good career choice, you’re also likely to lead a more fulfilling and wholesome career.

Create a career

What if you’re already invested in something else? Is that the right career?

For most of us, life made us choose between different things. In this long and perilous journey, all of us have to make hard choices. For some of us, this resulted in a change from a career that you feel passionately about into something that you don’t. If you find yourself in that position, worry not. In all honesty, this should not be a significant impediment stopping you from realizing and fulfilling your potential.

The best way to go about this, if you’re in this predicament, is to pursue what fascinates you actively. Granted, you can’t make a career out of this. However, engaging in it by using it as a pet hobby or passion can translate quite well in the long run. If you keep at it and are adamant enough, sooner or later, this will garner respect and get the attention of those around you, who will then acknowledge you as the person you’ve always wanted to be reputed for.

Let’s talk about what else you can do if you don’t want to go the traditional route and become an accountant, a doctor, a police officer, a teacher, etc. Have you thought about starting a business?

Yes starting a business IS creating a career you love. Your business is your passion and you enjoy it right?

We don’t have to settle or necessarily go the traditional route! Do what makes your heart happy! Make it happen. The overall point is whatever you do be sure to create what YOU love!

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