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How to fabulously wear polka dots fashions this summer

Polka dots to some are one of those hit or misses. I absolutely love them! It adds a bit of funky flair to your outfit. There is still plenty of opportunity to wear all your summer favorites and polka dots are dominating the trends. How do you rock your polka dots?

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So you’re in your 40’s now, but what’s so amazing?

So you’re in your 40’s, but what’s so amazing? That may be the question on the minds of many and never a thought on just as many. To me, life is great and even better than my 20s or 30s. To me, in earlier years we didn’t have many worries and thought we were invincible.… Read More So you’re in your 40’s now, but what’s so amazing?


My favorite season

Many of us have a favorite season.  Fall. Winter. Spring. Summer.  What is yours?  Do you love the vibrant colors of the fall and wearing layers? Does a sundress and heels strike your fancy?  Would you rather lounge in the perfect bikini poolside and frolicking days at the beach? Whatever season is yours, it’s the… Read More My favorite season