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Pain in the butt: When sciatica kicks your a$%

Sciatica! I never knew what is was before now. Now I wish I never did!

It’s literally a pain in the butt!!

What is sciatica you ask?

Well it’s not anything nice. I’ve had my share of back issues but this is a new one.

According to the Mayo Clinic, Sciatica refers to pain that radiates along the path of the sciatic nerve, which branches from your lower back through your hips and buttocks and down each leg and it typically affects only one side of your body. The pain experienced is different from one person to the next.

For me, which is the most common, my sciatica occurs because of my herniated disc which compresses a nerve causing inflammation and pain. Now when I say pain, I really really mean pain! Like literally a pain in the a$#!

How I feel when my sciatica acts up

Over past few years, I have been dealing with a great deal of back pain. Back and forth to the doctors only to be referred to another. Ive had more MRIs and CT Scans to last a lifetime. Wait a minute, now that I think about it maybe I shouldn’t have had that many. Oh well! Doctors know best right? Hmmmm….

Finally, I was referred to a great doctor and he determined not only did I have a herniated disc but that there were actually two right in my thoracic region. This somewhat made me feel like someone is finally listening but it still hurt. I was given pain meds to relief the inflammation and pain. Nonetheless, the pain never ceases. Ultimately, they recommended back surgery. Now with my life and its nonstop every minute filled calendar there was no way I could do that.

Fast forward, one day I could not stand or put pressure on my left leg without excruciating pain radiating all the way down my leg. Immediately, the ambulance was called. As I thought, what in the world is going on with me, I knew today was the day they were going to operate on my back even though I didn’t want them to. I mean I had to be able to walk right?

Diagnosis….sciatica! Even though it still hurt a tad I was relieved. More pain meds and sent me home.

When my sciatica acts up it feels like fire running from my lower back down my left hip and into my leg. Most times I cannot stand or put pressure on the leg. But the worst part is the center of my butt. My glute. Whatever you want to call it, that’s what I am referring to. Sorry when speaking on the pain, I get a tad anxious and am not always politically correct. LOL!

Image a drill being forced into the center of your left glute! Without any medication and youre awake through it all. It is one of the most painful things Ive felt. And as a women, we are able to withstand a great deal of pain. Remember child birth? I would take ten children in natural birth over the pain I feel with my sciatica! Its just that painful.

I don’t describe my pain to make anyone feel differently. Its a story I want to share and hope youll share yours too!

Three easy things you can do to get some relief

Treatment for sciatica varies and is largely dependent on the severity of your nerve pain. Options include:sciatica medication

  1. Supportive and self care such as ice packs, heat, and monitoring for changes
  2. Medications such as muscle relaxant, steroids, anti-inflammatory drugs, and nerve pain medication
  3. Therapies such as stretching, massage, acupuncture, and yoga which is awesome

Whatever route you choose to care for and get your sciatica under control, please be sure to your primary care provider to ensure your options will not aggravate it more or interfere with other conditions you may have. There is relief out there.

They say there’s things to relieve the pain and flair up. After dealing with this issue for months I’ve found what works for me. Hopefully by sharing you can find relief too.

Sometimes, it will get better on its own but working in coordination with your provider will help you notice signs that you may need more treatment. One such sign is when you start to have bowel or bladder issues. That is an emergency and you must be seen immediately.

Things that may help in your pain management journey

I purchased this SOLIDBACK | Lower Back Pain Relief Treatment Stretcher | Chronic Lumbar Support | Herniated Disc | Sciatica Nerve | Spinal Stenosis | Posture Corrector | Pillow Cushion and Brace Products Alternative and it helped me tremendously! It gives you just the right amount of stretch and it surprisingly comfortable!

Some swear by a tailbone cushion. I personally haven’t tried one but I will very soon. Click on this image to see the perfect one for sciatica!

Reading and self help for sciatica

Tell us your story. As a powerful group of intelligent caring women, I know we can all relate and offer our own experiences or reliefs to help another in the same boat.

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