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Ridiculously simple meal planning to help you save a ton of time

I’m one of those people who plan every detail even down to weekly meal planning. It can drive some people crazy with all that planning. But I absolutely love it! It makes live so much easier.

Have you ever wonder how your friends always seems to have delicious food ready in no time?

No? Yes? Want to know how they do it?

It’s because they meal plan and prep for every meal. If you want to get the most out of meal planning, you need to do just that. It’s ridiculously simple. And believe me, meal planning will save you a ton of time.

A friend of mind once asked me why I went through all the trouble and how in world did I have time to cook every day and work. To me, when I plan meals it helps me reduce my stress, reduce our grocery budget, and eat much healthier.

Any great and executable plan has to have a goal. The goal for my family was to reduce the grocery bill number one and to eat healthier. The reduced stress was a great by-product of perfect meal planning.

How do you go about planning meals and working and being a mom and everything in between?

I do most of my meal prepping on Sundays. The best way I learned was to start early and sometimes even a week before. Do any of you journal? Or have a bullet journal? My meal planning is part of my monthly layout. I have a section for each week with a grocery list and meals for each day of the week.

Taking inventory is an important part of meal planning

Before you can plan what you’re going to eat, you need to see what you already have in stock in the fridge, freezer, and pantry. I laugh every time I write fridge because my husband calls is a Frigidaire! That’s just hilarious to me! Once you see what you have in stock, you can plan meals around those items and that meets my number one goal of reducing the budget.

Ridiculously simple meal planning

Plan a whole month of meals in under an hour including breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Read my weekly meal plan and recipe post to see how it can be done with ease.

Think its possible? Yes it is with a solution that is ridiculously simple!

If you want to see how I did it, jump over and read my post on How not to get stuck in a rut planning your family meals.

Also if you’re new to meal planning, I have created the perfect solution for your pain. View the meal planner workbook and see how it can simplify your life! meal planner workbook

What are some of your favorite go-to meals? Share with us in the comments as sharing is caring. You never know your ideas may help someone in need!
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