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Keeping up with a $50 a week grocery budget

Do you ever feel like you spend too much money on groceries? I definitely do.

Do you go to the grocery store and come out with way more than what you planned on buying? Let me be the first to say that used to definitely be me!

I’ve recently started budgeting my weekly groceries. Previously I tried to get weeks and weeks of groceries at a time. Well no more!

And it actually works! I’m paying less, making healthier meals, and enjoying the extra I can stack away in my savings.

Speaking of savings, my quest to reduce the grocery bill became one of the unusual ways I was able to save. Who would’ve thought!

Some days my evening meals became the next days lunch. Whoot whoot savings of at least $10-$12 on lunch. Check out these 25 smart and savvy ways to save during these times.

Meal planning to stick to your budget

I decided I was going to stick with my $50 budget. Each Sunday over coffee I plan my meals for the week. I look for sales, coupons, and meals that can be stretched.

One thing that helped me and will be super useful to you is a meal planner. Don’t get stuck in a rut planning your family’s meals is a super resource for planning awesome meals. If you’re short on time or have no idea where to start when it comes to planning your meals, I’d highly recommend trying out the Ridiculously simple meal planning to help you save a ton of time.

$50 weekly grocery budget

This weeks dinner meals will consist of:

  • Chili
  • Baked chicken breast with asparagus and brown rice
  • Rotisserie chicken wraps and baked sweet potatoes
  • Rotisserie chicken and roasted fingerling potatoes
  • I included bread, brown rice, tortillas, cabbage, grapes, bananas, breakfast meat, and onions and minced garlic in my purchase.

Now that I think about it, there’s even more that I can make. Maybe I’ll make a stew with cabbage, potatoes, diced tomatoes, onions, and some ham and chicken! Hmmm sounds delicious on a cold day.

Purchase breakdown:

Brown rice $1.99

Tortilla $1.39

Corned beef hash $1.69

Chili mix $0.99

Wheat bread $2.99

Northern beans $2.00

Stewed tomatoes $2.25

Sausage links $3.49

Chicken breads $5.03

Ground beef $5.75

Rotisserie chicken $5.99

Russet potatoes $2.86

Asparagus $2.57

Yellow onion $1.59

Sweet potatoes $1.71

Caesar salad mix $2.50

Banana $1.20

Cabbage $1.58

Minced garlic $2.99

TOTAL: $49.52!

I am one happy camper nowadays. My grocery bill used to be $400 and up a month. Needless to say, a lot got thrown away and just plain wasted. Now I use what I buy and never buy what I don’t need. Planning and budgeting saved my life and purse! I’ve cut my bill in half!

My fellow quick chefs, what meals would you create with these ingredients? Drop a comment as we’d love to hear from you.

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