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Home office organization in five easy steps that will make your day more productive

Let’s face it sometimes getting organized is like pulling teeth. Home office organization is no different.

In order to get things done and be productive we must first be organized. I know for me sometimes that can be easier said than done.

But a while ago I decided as a blogger if I was going to be productive and make my numerous posts throughout the week and keep up with my blog I had to be organized.

You can get your home office organized and five easy steps.

You can get it organized and one morning, maybe just a few hours.

Let’s look at some of things we need in order to get started like a trash bin, and inbox, a filing cabinet and a lateral file.

Home office organization step one

In our office we spend majority of the time if not all the time sitting at our desk.

So that’s our logical place to start. And I want you to follow me carefully when I tell you this.

Sitting at your desk just remove everything from it you can take it all off. Next we will start looking at the bits and pieces of paper and What to keep and what to throw away.

Home office organization step two

Go through all the papers you have just taken off your desk and sort into three piles. 1) To be filed 2) Those to be trashed and 3) Things to be completed. You want to ask yourself is it needed or necessary and do I have a place for it. If answer is no then you know it needs to go. Once you have completed that, clean the desk off and then start putting your desk accessories back on your desk.
home office organization with clock and pink accessories

File away those things in pile one immediately. Take those items in pile two and throw away immediately. Don’t hold onto them and say I’ll do it once I’m finished. Do it now! And the items in pile three, place in your inbox desk accessory.

If you are need of new accessories, I absolutely love these rose gold desk accessories. They are a perfect solution for home office organization. Rose gold office desk accessories are not only chic but functional.

Home office organization step three

For items that may be on your shelf, we need to start looking at ways to not only organize but make them visually appealing and neat. Ease of access to those items you may need are extremely important. I love bins and especially color coordinated ones. These functional yet stylish storage bins are the perfect solution to your storage needs. Lid ensures no dust or dirt will fall into the box. Reinforced sides provide stability and stack ability

Home office organization step four

Go through everything else in your office. If it doesn’t belong there, take it out and put it where it belongs. Sometimes our office because the catchall and our goal today is to tidy it up and make it more organized and functional. Organize books that may be on your shelves. You can organize by topic or by height and use a cute bookend to set off the look.

Final step to home office organization journey

Now that everything that has a place is in its place, you can sit back, relax and enjoy your organized office. Time to get productive! A beautiful inspiring place is a gateway to creativity and productivity!

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