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Don’t get stuck in a rut planning your family’s meals

Meal planning can be fun. Now before you go crazy with what I just said, let me explain. I love to plan out my meals. On the weekends, I used to plan for the week. Since Saturday’s were my shopping day it worked perfectly. Planning is what gives me the balance I need.

As a busy mom and entrepreneur, how do you balance family and business? with a busy life, meal planning can be a challenge. I’m a lover of home cooked meals and so is my son.

I’m on a constant search for new and exciting meals for my family. What about you?

This became more of a chore. I found myself not planning as much as I used to and buying haphazard items at the store.

I was stuck in a rut! There had to be a more efficient way!

Planning meals has many benefits. The two that are most important to me at this stage of my life (yes I’m super busy but love my family):

  1. It aids in planning HEALTHIER meals for my family.
  2. It helps me manage time and finances. We can spend more quality time together and my budget isn’t broken.

I created the perfect way to plan out meals on not just a weekly but s monthly basis. This planner has not only saved me time and money but got me back to doing the thing I love most – spending time with my family!

Try this planner to help you get out of the rut in planning your family’s meals

This is perfect for the busy Mompreneur!

meal planning

Plan your families weekly meals. Includes grocery shopping list and you can even mark your or the kids favorite meals!

Print it out by week or month. There is weekly planning and shopping list separated by month.

I love to go different on a few days a week. You can plan days like Taco Tuesday and Italian Night. I absolutely love food themes!

What is included in this meal planning workbook:

This 109 page editable planner includes:

  1. Meal Planner Cover Page 
  2. Monthly Pages January through December
  3. Weekly Meal Planner Plan your dinners and mark favorites for breakfast (b), lunch (l), and dinner (d).
  4. Shopping list: Editable handy planner when you shop for your weekly meals.

The Meal Planner Workbook is an instant download, so you can get started on meal planning TODAY. It’s available in the shop now, simply add to cart, download and print out, it’s too easy!

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