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Dated! Have you ever wondered why you dated some people? Let’s talk about why they weren’t the one

Dated….sometimes that word just irks me. LOL. If you’re anything like me you’ve dated some doozers. I’m a happily married woman two whole years and it’s been a world wind of love and happiness. Some of the guys I’ve dated in the past have blown my mind have you ever seen someone that you dated previously and you were like what was I thinking? Ha ha Ha. I know I’ve done it quite a few times.

Did you know there are even sites that list the top qualities a good husband must have. Check this one out! Sounds pretty accurate to me.

Let’s talk about those crazy guys! The guys I’ve dated I’ll number mine from 1 to 3 with number one being the craziest of all times hope you play along with me and do the same because sometimes we just need a little humor in our life. We all know dating is sometimes like playing darts. You shoot for the right one and darnit you never seem to hit the target!

First let’s go for number one. I dated this guy for a whole 36 days so you can tell how many dates we actually went out on. He always had the smell about him like something burnt. I couldn’t figure out what it was. Sitting in the movies smelling like burnt leaves. One day I met him at his house because I was close I was already out I told him I’d meet him there so that we could go to dinner. He wasn’t quite ready. So, I walked and we exchanged pleasantries. He proceeded to finish ironing his shirt. Oh my that’s when it hit me. I knew the smell from somewhere and I just couldn’t place it. It reminded me of my jack of a brother who never wash clothes and will always iron the shirt that he loves to wear. Needless to say, guy number one was the dirty shirt that ironed guy. Nope no more dates for me cross you off my list.

Guy number two. I was very young when we were dating. He was the guy that everyone loved the parties because he can dance so well and I was in all. This relationship or whatever you want call it lasted for a little while longer then got number one. But have you ever dated a guy who just love dancing dance all the time and even at inappropriate times. He had this one dance that he did all the time. And I know I know I’m quick to get irritated. And if I saw him do that dance called happy feet one more time I was going to have a fit! One day my girlfriends and I were out at a party and he was in the middle of the floor doing his happy feet oh OMG. I looked at my girlfriend and said you know that’s the end we laughed for the rest of the night

Guy number three. All I can say is Lord have mercy. Have you ever dated a guy who spent more time in the bathroom primping and prepping more than you? Do you know how infuriating that is? We’re the women we are supposed to be the ones to take forever to get ready. Let me be great let me be the woman let me be late let me take forever. This man cared more about his clothes and how they hung on him whether he was perfectly shaped with her there was a hair out of place on his head how other people thought of him. Boy he was a drinker. But the caveat of it is, this was my first husband. We had three beautiful headstrong boys. But you know they are nothing like him they are old man they’re the ones that will throw one of the windows dirty T-shirt and I was just talking about earlier in the post and just walk out the door. I actually got tired of it. Tired of fighting for the bathroom tired of being late everywhere because you have to make sure your pants were priest correctly your shirt iron just perfectly. Oh yeah did I tell you I couldn’t even wash his clothes. That, my lovelies, is my number three my ex-husband. His metrosexual ways are reason I’m glad I got out of that one.

Guy number four. It was only two years younger than me. Hey I want is got a live Ha? Anyway I thought that we were still intellectually compatible. Little did I know that he thought about all the things 10 years younger than him. He wanted to be like the younger kids. Help I think he actually wanted to be one. It came a time where I knew that we were not on the same playing field. We want just there mentally psychologically and career goals wasn’t the same. One day I just sat back and wondered how someone could you like so much not have any get up and go. How could someone not relish in the youth they have here and try and move forward and make their way in this world? By the end of that session I had my answer. Bloop you’re cut off too!

See the guys I’ve dated that were never really the one, they range from the stinky shirt guy to the ever-dancing guy to the primping and prepping guy and now I am so glad to have met the one-my husband. I married for the second and final time at age 46. Life after 40 is truly amazing! My life is for filled. We meet each other‘s fly. Our goals are aligned. Our families are comingled. Our lives intertwine. Too imperfect people making a perfect life together. I know I found one.

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