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An insanely easy social media content calendar and why you need one now

Successfully managing a blog can be time consuming if you go it alone. In order to do it, it is essential to use a social media content calendar.

Do I really need a social media calendar?

Yes! That is the short and long answer. A social media content calendar allow you to consistently post engaging content which in turn will help you grow hour following. In addition, the content increases engagement with your posts.

Its important to have a social media content plan. Do you have one set up for your business? You should. I could’t emphasis that mor. I, too, tried to start my business off and walked around for almost eight months without a plan. Then I realized I needed to work on my game and create a social media strategy plan. When I reflect, it reminds me of the saying a man without a plan is a man without direction! We cannot grow and prosper if we sit back and wait for things to happen. One must plan and position themselves in the path of success!

Why you need a social media content calendar

Creating a social media calendar does two very important things:

  • It maps out your content across a period of time and saves time
  • Is a great way to stay on top of your content

This will help you be consistent and ensure you never run out of content. Before, that was always my pain spot; trying to find out what to write about and doing so t the last minute. Needless to say, I missed a lot of deadlines I set for myself.

To help others mitigate this pain spot, I have created an insanely easy social media content calendar for you to use. It is not overwhelming where you have an entire year. I believe in breaking up goals into smaller goals. With that, our goal at the start of the second half of 2019 is to get a month of content created and then monthly thereafter.

social media content calendar
Always remember, the social media calendar does not have to be static; you should be adding to it as new ideas come to mind. Click HERE to grab a copy of yours today!

Tips for growing your business with social media content

  1. Start each day with a goal
  2. Take note of your audience and follwoers
  3. Respond to social media comments, requests, and emails
  4. Post to Instgram and Facebook at least 3 times a day
  5. Post to Twitter at least 2 times day
  6. Create at lest 1 blog post a week
  7. Develop 1 freebie a month to grow subscribers
  8. Produce 1 paid digital product every other month
  9. At the end of the day, make notes for the next day

You won’t believe how helpful this product is in your business. It’s been a life saver that we are now sharing with you for a low introductory cost. Value of $395 which equates to about 20 hours of work from your virtual assistant or 20+ hours of you pulling your hair out trying to meet deadlines.

Lastly, brag on yourself; pat yourself on the back!! Be your own cheerleader and share your journey with us.

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