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Amazingly easy six days to Spring clean home: Day 1

First day of spring was March 20, 2019! Do you have the winter blues like me and ready to be over it? Wouldn’t you know it….why I live it was snowing on the first day of Spring. It’s now almost two weeks later and the weather is finally breaking! Yay!!!

The weather this week and last has been truly insane. Snowing one day, 60 degrees next, raining the next day only to repeat the cycle!

I’m over it!!! Pulling my hair out over it. Ready for beautiful weather, scented home, and fresh flowers!

Every year I plan out how I will change up for the new season. Sometimes, the things I buy, needs some explanation and assistance, which I easily get from Surreal Home.  It lightens my mood immensely. It’s something about a fresh and “new” looking home. I say new looking because it’s those small changes that make a big impact and freshen up the whole space.

What does it mean to spring clean?

Spring cleaning is defined as the activity of cleaning a house thoroughly at the end of winter. Do we have to do it exactly at the end of winter? NO. To spring clean also means to clean a home or room thoroughly. If you haven’t done a complete spring clean yet, its not too late! You can do it today! You can start spring cleaning or deep cleaning your house any time of the year.

Spring cleaning is a tradition that allows you to freshen up your home and get a head start on the hectic seasons of spring and summer. You can go on to have additions to your house with the best decor.

For the next six days, I will show you how I get my home spring ready! Hope it helps you as much as it does me.

In this series, we will give you tips on a successful spring cleaning of your home. In this series we will go over cleaning up the home, organizing kitchen, changing and airing the bedroom, how plants and small changes make a big impact, repurposing and rearranging furniture, and lastly revamping your outdoor space.

Whew seems like a lot right? Actually, it isn’t! We will take it one day at a time and before you know it your will sit back and admire your fresh and beautiful home!

Ready to get started? Ok….

Day 1 to your spring clean ready home

Today is about preparation. Getting things ready for the transformation. All good things start with a great foundation.

What is today about? It’s about cleaning! CLEAN! CLEAN! CLEAN!

I know some may hate it but it’s easier than you think of you systematically go about it.

Prepare yourself mentally

When I start a large cleaning task or even one I might not really want to do, I start by getting my mind in a good space. I put on tunes that I love and blast it up! Dance around for a few! Let the tension of the perceived hard task at hand melt away!

Now that we are feeling relaxed and ready to go…..

Step 1: Prepare your cleaning space and make way

I find that my husband and kids and grandchildren love to leave things all around. And I have no idea why ? but I love them just the same

I take a bin in each room that is cluttered and use for two things:

1. To hold things that need to be cleaned and out away

2. To hold items that actually go in another room but shhh you can’t tell my men that

Products I love to help with my clutter:
This is for all the little video games, cds, and dvds that lay around and dont seem to have a home of their own.
These are perfect when Im picking up socks, gloves, hats, scarves, etc and they need a little help finding their way back home.

To add a little humor and brighten up your day please read this article on what areas to clean in your home based on your zodiac! I’m not sure if it’s true or not or even if it holds any weight but it was a very interesting read. When I looked over at my bookshelf, I couldn’t believe it and got to purging!

Step 2: Start with the living room

First work on the couch. Brush off the cushions. Brush off the dirt from the interior of the couch onto the floor. Replace and fluff the pillows. Dust the ceiling, coffee table, book cases, wall art, and ceiling fans. Wash down door knobs, doors, and switch plates. Take down curtains and blinds and wash them. You may even want to replace or change the curtains to ones you have been dying to put up. Now is the time!

Dust all knicknacks and accent lamps. Take the books off the bookshelf and dust. Rearrange them if you have a moment when you put them back. Change the look. Remember small changes make big impacts!

Sweep floor and clean carpets or throw rugs.

Step 3: Tackle your kitchen for a fresh spring clean

First empty out your fridge and throw away any unused and expired items. Any items that have been in the fridge for a while and no one seems to touch, yes they can go. Now take your favorite cleaner or mix your own solutions such as 1 part baking soda and 1 part hot water and clean the inside thoroughly. Once dry, put the items back in the refrigerator. Make sure they are organized!

Follow same process for the pantry. That’s where we have a lot of items we don’t and wont ever use. Throw them away!

spring clean kitchen

TIP: Use these items to organize and store pantry items. They will save you time and space!

Once you have completed this, look around and take everything off the counters. Make a mixture of 1 part white vinegar and 1 part water in a spray bottle and clean the counters and appliances.

Step 4: on to the bedroom

In the bedroom we start by removing and washing all bedding. Open the windows so you can let in some fresh air. I do this for every room I’m cleaning because I love the cross breeze and fresh air. If you followed this post you have already removed all clutter and things that don’t belong in the room.

Now starting from the top down, dust everything including dresser, mirrors, fans, bed, and then the base boards. Finally you should sweep, vacuum, or mop depending on your bedroom surface.

TIP: I love this mop to clean my floors! Sanitize everthing!

Step 5: Bathrooms

Now here we will start by spraying the inside of the toilet, tub, shower, and sink with your cleaning mixture or your favorite bathroom cleaning items. Let it sit and marinate and break through all the grime. Put all towels and wash clothes in the wash. We also want to take everything out of the drawers and dust and wipe down the inside. Go through makeup and medications plus bath products and anything you don’t want or is expired just throw away.

Clean the toilets with a brush and wipe down all surfaces with a new rag and cleaners. Before putting all items back, sweep and mop the floors. If you have windows, be sure to clean and open the blinds and windows. As I’ve said many times, I love a breeze and it makes it smell so fresh with the perfect cleaners combined with the breeze!

TIP: Some of my favorite and must have cleaning items

Tomorrow will be a great day! We will work on the next phase in this series. Be sure to subscribe to the blog to receive first notice of tomorrow’s post. Subscribe below: [ninja_form id=2]

Congratulations! You have cleaned your home in one day! Easy peasy. Tomorrow lets do some deep organizing! TTYL!
thank you Tausha

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