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7 reasons why it’s easy to start a business after 40

  • Interested in starting a business after 40? There’s no better time to start your entrepreneurial dreams in you’re in your 40s!
  • I always feel that those of us over 40 are methodical, deliberate and purposeful with whatever we pursue. And guess what? That’s a good thing.
  • Those characteristics make us a powerful force in business. Can you imagine? We’re unstoppable.

    According to Forbes, people who start business after age 35 are more likely to succeed. It’s your passion, understanding, financial resources, and time management that support that growth and success. That’s not to say starting one in your 20s won’t succeed. There’s a market for them and a market for us. I mean I just recently learned what YOLO means!

    Reasons to start a business after 40

    1. You’re at a point in life where you are ready for a change. Have you ever thought to yourself I’d love to do something different? Maybe turn one of my hobbies into a residual income. You can! Creating the life we want to live and turning our passions into a business can be extremely fulfilling. You are your only limitation.
    2. This is a time in your life where you have more time. Let’s face it. At this time many of us are empty nesters looking for something to fill the time. For me it was like filling a void. I spent so much of my early life raising my children to have a sound moral compass, loving my husband and concentrating on my career that when they were gone I realized I had nothing to fill my time. Yes I had hobbies, took dance classes, tried to learn new languages but needed something more. I found joy in my first venture at blogging. It was such a true and refreshing outlet. I found a way to turn my passion into a profit!
    3. You’ve learned a great deal of lessons over the years. Multitasking was one of best lessons I learned and coupled with not letting failure sway my focus prepared me for venturing into business. Many of the lessons we learn are pillars for a string foundation when starting a business after 40.
    4. There’s a story within you. Yes!! Many wouldn’t believe my story and it was the story within me that helped me start that first blog. What’s your story?
    5. You have a network. In our careers we meet a plethora of people. Those same people become our network our community and maybe even our first client.
    6. You are familiar with responsibility. As a parent, career person, wife, unofficial nurse, quasi psychologist, you understand responsibility and accountability. This is another important pillar of an entrepreneur.
    7. Being a multitasker is second nature to you. I can’t repeat this enough! It’s a must when starting your first business. As business grows and you’re able to outsource tasks, it will lift responsibilities off your shoulders while still giving you the ability to oversee.

    3 successful entrepreneurs who started after 40

    Read about these amazingly successful entrepreneurs who started their business later in life. The article Entrepreneurs Who Started a Wildly Successful Business After Age 40!

    I’ve listed a few because I admire their stories and use the platforms or services.

    1. Lynda Weinman co-founded at 40
    2. Bob Parsons started GoDaddy at 47
    3. Bill Porter started E*Trade at 54

    Using Age to Your Advantage When Starting a Business is an excellent read! It adds a unique dose of motivation.

    Remember, the age of the CEO, business owner, or founder is not the primary factor that determines whether or not a business will be successful.

    Do yourself a favor, decide to get in the game and begin your journey now.

    thank you Tausha