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25 smart savvy ways to save money in 2019

Knowing how to save money is important. Saving money can help you become financially secure and provide a safety net in case of an emergency. Here are a few reasons why we save: … You will need money set aside for these emergencies to avoid going into debt to pay for your necessities.

Ways to save money and lot’s of it

Let’s all become a Save Money Expert!

  1. Create budget and live by it. It has been proven that we spend close to $5,000 a year on frivolous items but if we had a budget and stuck to it the buying of things we do not need would be minimized. Could you use an extra $5,000?
  2. Shop online only with rebates/earning cash back all while you are actually save money. Use personal finance apps like Ebates to save you money when shopping. Before I make any online purchase, I go to Ebates and grab the code and tracking to earn money back.
  3. Cut subscriptions you don’t use everyday
  4. Plan your grocery shopping. You can save money on groceries with planning. No nothing long and drawn out. Just make a list and stick to it.
  5. Switch to bank account with no fees or incentive to join. Banks with no fees actually help you save money. Did you know that the average bank charges their customer $625 in banks fees annually?
  6. grow your money

  7. Turn temps down and keep socks on. Enlist your family as accountability partners! There’s no need for the heat to be on 74 degrees! Can you imagine the smiles on the electric company’s face when they see the usage meters go up? We are saving money in 2019 not spending more.
  8. Pack lunch daily. Instead of eating out five days a week try bringing your lunch with you. Yes, take some of that delicious dinner you cooked last night? Better yet, meal prep on Sundays and you’ll be a step ahead of the game.
  9. Keep change. Keeping the change is a way to save money. Everyday we seem to end up with lots of change in our pockets or purses from just doing things we normally do. Why not keep that change and pile it away for a rainy day? I did this last year and ended up with $925.34 in my change bucket.
  10. Save all $5 bills. This is a challenge i saw on Pinterest a while back and it truly worked. The way it works is that whenever you have a $5 bill in your possession put it away in a sock, a box, or a drawer. What ever you want to use as your safe keeping place, just do it. You’ll be amazed at how much you’ll save.
  11. Direct deposit 5% of salary into savings account
  12. Pay down credit card debt
  13. Increase 401k contributions
  14. Prepay taxes. Did you know when you prepay taxes such as personal property, real estate, etc you get a break on your income taxes?
  15. Download apps such as Ibotta or coupon app for your favorite grocery store
  16. Do you have Amazon Prime? If not, I can’t rave enough how great these deals are! Amazon is becoming a true power house. Did you know that Amazon Video comes with it? YES!! So cut the cable and save about $250 a month
  17. Negotiate internet cost or cut cable all together. Cutting cable has potential to save $2,400 a year!
  18. Pay credit cards on time each month and preferably in full to avoid interest charges. Average finance charges monthly are $15 which equals about $200 in annual savings
  19. Brew coffee at home. Avoid $8 Starbucks as if you buy everyday it can be upwards of $2000 for the year
  20. Quit smoking At $5 a pack a day that can save you $1,825 annually. A friend of mine tried the Nicorette gum and says it was so easy to stop she barely had cravings. Click the picture to learn more.
  21. Avoid impulse buying
  22. Do a savings challenge each month or every quarter. You can find many challenges to save money on Pinterest. Find a save money app to help you stay on track with your saving and challenges. I love when I can see with the click of a button how I am progressing with my goals. I use an app plus my nifty bullet journal!
  23. Set savings goals
  24. When at restaurants avoid sodas, teas, etc as markup is double or triple. Opt for water instead. For example if you and a friend go out once a week to eat and those sodas and refills cost let’s say $9 then there a whopping $500 annual savings
  25. Review all accounts
  26. Go green! Make your own cleaning solutions, grow your own vegetables, refurbish an old desk you were going to throw out into something more useful, dont throw away that stool – try and use it in another room, and ultimately watch your carbon footprint.

Examples of goals to save money

You want to save $500 a month

Saving to purchase a home next year and need $15,000 down payment

You and your spouse want to go on a dream vacation to Hawaii

The family needs a reliable car this year

You want to build an emergency fund

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Today, I’m challenging each of my lovelies to start saving money! We can do this! How much do you want to save this year? $1,000? $5,000? $10,000? You can do it! Set your mind to it and watch the process work! Don’t forget to read the post on getting credit on track this year too!
thank you Tausha

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