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11 Ways to Rock your Office Organization and Improve Your Business

Today, we are going to talk about how office organization helps improve not only your ability to get things done but also improves your business.

Being a business person can be stressful at times. We have a lot on our plate and try to manage it all. If you are like me, time management is quite a big deal. As we try and grow our business, we get inundated with more paperwork, more stress, less time with family, and less hours to get it all done. We want to be productive and organized. If you haven’t read my post on Morning Routine Productivity Strategies , please read today as it provides simple solutions to have a productive morning.

Have you ever walked in your office and just stood at the door and sighed? That was me this morning. My business is growing but so is the paperwork and I need to work on this office organization today or I wont be able to complete the tasks my clients need.

Why is office organization so important?

Office organization is important to me because it allows you the ability to get things done. If mounds of paper are strewed about and you cant seem to find things when you need it, then its time to get organized! Recently, I wrote a post how to organization your office in a few easy steps and when I go back and read over it I realize how easy it is to actually get organized. You need the right mindset and the right solutions!home office organization with clock and pink accessories

Organization and its benefits are not only limited to your home office. Being organized is crucial for success in both your personal and professional life. One of the most important benefits is it reduces stress. Other benefits include:

  • Save money by not buying things you already have because you spent too much time looking for something and only to find out later you had it
  • It provides you the ability to manage your personal and professional activities
  • Gain more energy
  • Have more time for family and friends and to do the things you want to do
  • Improves your health and happiness
  • Reduces stress
  • Creates a happier environment
  • Creates a safer environment

Simply creating a system for things (getting organized) will reduce stress and create a happier environment for you to thrive. In business that’s what we want to do right?

Im goin to show you the simple changes I made to my environment – my office. My goal is to finish up 2018 strong, organized, happy, and with a successful business.

Product Recommendations for Office Organization


This little handy organizer is perfect for my desk. It has apace-saving mesh design with Stylish Drawer, two side load letter trays, and a tray with a 3 compartment drawer, upright section has Five 2″ compartments. Basically, desk storage, file Folder and letter Organizer all in one!

A vertical hanging organizer has been a lifesaver. Having a lot of paperwork that I have to keep on hand, I now have a clutter free desk and able to pull what I need instead of flipping through papers. I also like that I can hand it on the door without adding more nails or screws to the wall. It offers the perfect Out of the Way Storage Solution for Decluttering your life. Im a firm believer in utilizing your vertical space!

Any products I recommend are those that I have tried and use. I love this file cabinet and think it adds a bit of stylish flavor to my décor. The 2 spacious drawers allow you to store letter-sized documents. I even put a beautiful vase of flowers on it so when I look across my office I am met with the beauty and comfort of nature. I offer my honest opinion and if you read reviews then you will see that others may differ from you. Read the review below:
[su_quote]For the price, I expected a put-it-together-yourself type of cabinet, and it was. The instructions were clear and easy to follow and the assembly went well. However, when I put the drawers in, the wheels kept coming out of the side tracks causing the top drawer to fall onto the lower drawer. I had to remove the wheel brackets from the drawers and reinstall them with shims behind them to effectively make the drawer wider. Works okay now but since the screws are so short, I’ll have to be extra careful not to overload the drawers. The cabinet does have a nice appearance, though. [/su_quote]

Bins for Office Organization

When I saw these cute little storage bins, I had to have them. The storage bins provide a simple and fashionable solution to today’s office, home, or dorm space and storage needs. A better solution to keep closets, shelves, open space, and tables tidy and organized. This set of bins offers multi-purpose organization while complementing style and décor. I love bins that are functional and can be used for other purposes. Did I tell you that I’m what one would call a repurposer? One time I may use something in my office, the next my bedroom, and the next the foyer. I love things that have alternates uses. These are extremely useful and have reinforced sides to provide stability and stacking ability.
11 ways to rock your office organization

Desk Accessories

Blush, gold, cream and black are one of my favorite color combinations. When I saw the blush color desk accessories, I thought they would be perfect for my office, In my office organization quest I had found the perfect desk accessories! They were a must have because:

  • SET OF 4 PIECES: An ideal modern desktop organizer is one is one that can also serve as an inbox organizer to keep everything organized. This set ensures you have a spot for everything, from files and important documents to pens and letters.
  • CUTE DESK ORGANIZER WITH TIMELESS, FUN DESIGN: Your rose gold office supplies organizer should match your style, and this desk set fits the bill. Made of Rose Gold colored wire – Copper Colored – and featuring an angled, square design, it offers timeless whimsy for your office or home.
  • EASY TO USE: Aside from its modern design, this office stationery for women also provides simple storage. It creates ideal desk storage, helping you keep everything you need in one place to keep everything organized. Great for Home, Office, Dorm Room and More.
  • STORAGE SIMPLICITY: This wire desk organizer set offers the ultimate in desk organization and office decor that is not complicated. It’s a desk storage set that looks great and has all the pieces you need to organize documents and office supplies. When it comes to cute desk accessories for women or men you don’t have to sacrifice style for function.
  • ULTIMATE ORGANIZATION: Do you need a small desk organizer? This is the set for you! It’s a computer desk organizer that will hold everything you need all in one place, so you can focus on work. Makes a great gift for Christmas, Back to School, Co-Workers, Students, Teachers, Birthdays, and more! Perfect for your home, office, kitchen, cubicle, Dorm or any room!

Office and Equipment cords

For those pesky cords, I have tried everything. But am I the only one who thinks they seem to grow and take on a mind of their own? Well, its time to tame the cords. We want office organization! I found these neat storage solutions on Amazon. Read this review from another user: [su_quote]It does exactly as I expected. It’s about 2″ in length. It fits the number of cables pictured perfectly. I can lift a cable out and just place it back in when I’m done. I didn’t want anything that stuck to my furniture, as I’m using this on top of an end table and wanted to protect the wood, and not have a wild array of cables visually. It has a nice heft, and doesn’t slide around when I’m putting a cable back. Note – I’ve read some reviews were folks were pulling the cables through, and then fighting to push the cable back through the opening, you don’t need to do that way: just lift the cable out of the holder, and push the cable back into the holder when you’re done.[/su_quote]

Wall Planners

Then I took my office organization to a whole new level! I needed another way to see my appointments or to-dos at a glance. Yes, I have my planner that stays in my purse or brief case but something visual while I am sitting at my desk truly helps. It is a dry erase so I can easily change as my day changes. Plus I love lots of colors! Get one today! Trust me, it helps!

Speaking of planners, what do you do with your various log-ins? Do you write them down in your planner? What about when that gets full and you need to start a new notebook or planner? I found trhe perfect solutions. Yes I do understand some may disagree with me about this but it works for me. It’s convenient size of 3.5″ x 4.5″ fits in purses and computer bags, has 70 alphabetical pages with lines for website addresses, user names and hints plus a few extra pages for notes, and is spiral-bound with retractable pen. Too cute and stylish if you ask me. Sort of looks like the old rolodex. Wait a minute I think I still have one in my office!

Telecommunications and Office Organization

In today’s fast pace society, we always have our phones with us. This provides a good solutions when in your office. I love the sleek design and color! It can hold you phone or your ipad and keep your hands free.

Stress relieving product recommendations that also make the perfect office organization selections

Sometimes, I get stressed just because I know my day will be full. There are a variety of things I do to calm my stress. One is dedicating some time to myself in the morning and performing some relaxing routines such as yoga or breathing exercises. In my office, I love soothing music and aromatherapy. The one I have is an aromatherapy essential oil diffuser that makes use of ultrasonic waves to preserve the natural property of healing oil, which brings you relaxation by filling air with micro particles with its 100% original fragrance. An essential oil diffuser is an oil lover’s best friend. It is a device that performs its task by releasing essential oils into the air in a fine mist. When you are using an essential oil diffuser, you get to breathe essential oils into the lungs and the air around goes through ionization and cleansing process, making the odors neutralized and your place feels relaxing.

The benefit of stress relieving toys and how it impacts you managing your business

Have you ever felt a tad stressed and picked up something small or fiddled with it and it helped you calm yourself? I have at times and realized it was a good accessory to have. We all deal in different ways and this helps me quite a bit. This office desk toys helps you relieve stress, increase concentration and anti-anxiety, also can be as a desktop decoration . Try it and it may also work for you.

Let us know what solutions have worked for you and how you got your home office organized! Leave a comment, send an email, and let us know.

Other product you can use for office organization

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